Olaf Maennel, a professor of cybersecurity at TalTech who is taking part in the effort to establish the center.

“Combining maritime and cybersecurity is new, but neither domain on its own is new for us.”

“Cybersecurity itself is interdisciplinary in nature, covering fields as diverse as cryptography, psychology, technology, and law.”

“Now we are going to focus together on the transportation sector, because you need a holistic point-of-view to fight state-sponsored actors, criminals, and terrorists.”

Dan Heering, an early stage researcher at TalTech who is involved with the effort to create the center.

“Maritime transport has become increasingly reliant on the internet in recent years, but much of the infrastructure and competencies onboard leave ships exposed to threats.”

“Ships are built to last 20 to 30 years. Many of those older ships sailing today are using legacy systems that were not meant to be connected to the internet but now are, so there is no security in place.”

“People operating new and modern ships lack the knowledge to handle new, difficult situations that may occur at sea.”

Kristel Toom, a research manager at TalTech.

Alvar Kurrel, a research manager at TalTech.