Memorandum of Understating with Singapore institutions April 2024

TalTech Estonian Maritime Academy has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Estonian Foundation CR14 to collaborate on maritime cybersecurity research and development activities. Read more…

MariCybERA Team #11 Gábor Visky April 2024

Gábor Visky is an early-stage researcher at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), with expertise in the cyber security of ships’ operational technologies. Read about the experience he brings to MariCybERA project and his role in it here in the article.

MariCybERA Team #10 Risto Vaarandi March 2024

Get to know Risto Vaarandi, Ph.D., who is working as a security monitoring researcher under MariCybERA project.
Read more…

Cyber security lecture to Estonian Transport Administration March 2024

Dan Heering and Riacardo Lugo delivered an insightful cyber security lecture to approximately 60 maritime specialists from the Estonian Transport Administration, captivating audience with their expertise and knowledge. The organizers expressed their satisfaction and hinted at future collaborations, indicating a keen interest in additional practical training sessions.

Cyber Pain Day lecture by Ricardo Lugo March 2024

On March 21, 2024, XAMK hosted its second complimentary information and cyber security event in Kotka. This time, the focus centered on dissecting the anatomy of a cyber crisis. Ricardo Lugo, a member of the MariCybERA team, delivered a compelling presentation titled “Cyber Crisis and Resiliency: Individual, Social, and Organizational Perspectives.” The webcast was followed by more than 500 participants and more than 150 on site.

MariCybERA Team #9 Leonidas Tsiopoulos March 2024

The expertise and knowledge of Leonidas Tsiopoulos will definitely complement and add value to the MariCybERA project. Read about his thoughts and contribution in the article here

2nd review meeting of MariCybERA project March 2024
In the first half of March we had our 2nd review and evaluation meeting of the MariCybERA project. It was nice to reflect on the job done so far and receive useful feedback and suggestions for the upcoming work.

MariCybERA Team #8 Igor AstrovFebruary 2024

Join us to welcome Igor Astrov to our team! His competence, knowledge and experience will keep MariCybERA project on the right course. Igor Astrov received his PhD degree from Tallinn University of Technology where he is working as a Senior Researcher. Read more…

MariCybERA Team #7 Alvar Kurrel February 2024

Alvar Kurrel has been a great support of our MariCybERA team from the very beginning. He has an impressive experience in managing project, organizing support and helping with strategic planning. Read more…

MariCybERA Team #6 Pentti Kujala January 2024

We are welcoming Prof. Pentti Kujala to our team!
Pentti has been working on the safety of ships both in open water and on ice more than 40 years. He joined the MariCybERA team in the end of 2023. Read more…

CYBERUS Winterschool January 2024

We were happy to host 28 students from the CYBERUS Erasmus Mundus Cybersecurity Joint Master Programme on January 16th. The students attended lectures focusing on the digitalization and cybersecurity in the shipping sector by our Prof. Sanja Bauk, Dan Heering and Yigit Gülmez. Read more…

MariCybERA Team #5 Yiğit Gülmez January 2024

Welcoming the New Team Member!
Join us in extending a warm welcome to our Postdoctoral Researcher, Yigit Gülmez!
Get to Know Yigit, a marine engineer with a Ph.D., specializing in merging academic research with hands-on ship operations. Read more…

Article in Meremees December 2023

Our ERA Chair holder Prof. Sanja Bauk had an interview with Estonian maritime magazine Meremees about Balancing Technology and Cybersecurity in the Maritime Sector: Setting Ethics and Welfare First. Read more…

New People in TalTech: Pentti Kujala October 2023

Welcome Prof. Pentti Kujala to TalTech and get to know him through this short Q&A with him in Mente et Manu.

New People in TalTech: Sanja Bauk October 2023

Get to know Prof. Sanja Bauk and read the Q&A with her from Mente et Manu.

Maritime Cybersecurity Partnership Seminar August 2023

Maritime Cybersecurity Partnership Seminar took place on 21-22 August 2023 at the Estonian Maritime Academy and TalTech Engineering Department. This collaborative event has been jointly organized by XAMK, Aalto University, Merikotka Research Centre, TalTech CyberCentre and the Maritime Cybersecurity Centre of the Estonian Maritime Academy. Read more…

MariCybERA Team #4 Sanja Bauk August 2023

Join us to welcome Prof. Sanja Bauk, the new ERA Chair Holder of Maritime Cybersecurity (MariCybERA) at the Estonian Maritime Academy, Tallinn University of Technology. For the past five years she held the role of Associate Professor at Durban University of Technology in South Africa, where her passionate research and engaging lectures in Maritime Electronic Navigation, Logistics, and Research Methodology left a lasting impact. Read more…

“The Cyberlandscape: Cyberthreats and Cyberactors“ Winterschool January 2023

From January 9-20, 2023, 23 cybersecurity master’s students from France visited TalTech ICT building and the Estonian Maritime Academy. The CYBERUS Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in cybersecurity is two-year, full-time master’s program where students take courses from three universities: Université Bretagne Sud (France), Université Libre de Belgique (Belgium) and Université du Luxembourg (Luxembourg). At the end of the first semester, they participated in a Winter School titled “The Cyberlandscape: Cyberthreats and Cyberactors“ organized by TalTech. 

Article in Meremees January 2023

NATO must be able to defend all areas from cyber-attacks including ships, because NATO member countries have a large combined fleet and a long maritime border. Our Early-Stage Researcher at TalTech Gabor Visky talks about the research he conducted at NATO CCDCOE. Read more…

MariCybERA Team #2 Olaf Maennel September 2022

Please join us to welcome Olaf Maennel, PI of our ERA Chair project! Olaf has graduated with a PhD in computer science from Technical University of Munich. Since July 2014 he is a full Professor for Cyber-Security at the TalTech Centre for Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. Read more…

Citadel Summer School July 2022

TalTech Centre for Digital Forensics and Cyber Security and TalTech Summer Schools have had the pleasure of hosting a group of students from The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, 16-29.07.22.

During this summer school, the participants learned about the 2007 cyber-attacks, incident management and OSINT, the geopolitics, cyber-crime, AI and machine learning, international relations, the influence of social media, cyber diplomacy and many other aspects of cybersecurity. The group also visited the cyber range CR14 and listened to a presentation about NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.

7th Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Conference June 2022

13.06.2022 the 7th Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Conference (ICR2022) was organised with the support of TalTech Centre for Digital Forensics and Cyber Security.
The keynote speakers were Dr Andrew J. Grotto from Stanford University with his talk titled Achieving Allied Resilience on Semiconductors and Prof Kavé Salamatian from Tallinn University of Technology on the topic An Upward Multidisciplinary Journey in Cyber Studies. Read more…

MariCybERA Team #1 Kave Salamatian October 2021

Please join us to welcome Kave Salamatian, our ERA Chair holder! He has graduated with a PhD in Computer Science in 1998 from Paris-Sud University (Paris XI). The first role in the project is to setup the Centre for Maritime Cyber Security at TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology and to integrate the research capabilities from TalTech Estonian Maritime Academy and TalTech Centre for Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. Read more…

Invest in Estonia March 2021

TalTech will focus on maritime cybersecurity partly because Estonia is located next to the Baltic Sea. Rain Ottis, the head of TalTech’s Centre for Digital Forensics and Cyber Security sees that it is important for Estonians to make sure that all the sailors, ships, port facilities, and supply chains are safe. Read more…

Research in Estonia January 2021

Estonia is a seabound country with a coastline of nearly 3,800 kilometers, which means the shipping companies, ports, and vessels it relies on are vulnerable to cyberattacks by criminals and terrorists. The country however also has a deep bench of IT talent, much of which is entrenched at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech). Read more…